Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Steps

This evening Dan and I moved the first load of moving boxes to our storage unit. They look so insignificant in that otherwise-empty 10x10 space! But these twelve boxes contain books - books that came from the shelves on either side of our entertainment center. Books are heavy, and loading the boxes into our little SUV, and from there into the storage unit, was a pretty big job for the two of us. (To give credit where credit is due, Dan did all the heavy lifting. I was the vehicle driver, door opener and dolly pusher.) It sure felt good when it was done!

The entertainment center is one piece of furniture that we do not intend to take with us when we move. We bought it when we had a big, heavy TV. Now that we have a flat screen, we don't need such a gigantic piece of furniture to hold it. We will be selling it on Craigslist -- our first time ever to either sell or buy using that venue.

Having the TV sitting, as it is now, on a slim sofa table, that we already had, makes our family room look bigger - which can't hurt when it comes to showing the house to prospective buyers.

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Papa John said...

Hmmm. Another dead dinosaur!

Well, ya got to give up a lot of old stuff to modernize. So let's hear it for minimalism.

Be ruthless. Appply that rule that if you haven't used it in the past year, you sell it, donate it, or put a match to it.

If you can do it, mayby I can too - someday.