Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Is in the Air

Yesterday the temperature was 75 degrees almost all day long . . . until the "arctic front" moved in suddenly. In a matter of a couple hours the temperature dropped drastically. When we went to bed it had hit freezing, and during the night it dropped to 22 degrees. It was still in the 20s when we got up to get ready for church this morning, and stayed cold all day long. They say in a day or two it will warm back up.

But cold weather is what we are supposed to be having . . . it's Christmas time, after all! Just take a peek at my December calendar:

Dan and I kicked off the Christmas season with the Temple Symphony Christmas Concert, on Saturday, December 3. It was great, as usual.

Last week I had four different Christmas events to attend. On Saturday, the 10th I went to a D.A.R. luncheon. I'm not yet a member of D.A.R., but my application has been signed off on by the local folks, and it will be sent in for approval on Monday, so they keep encouraging me to come to the meetings as a "prospective member." The luncheon was really nice and included some great entertainment.

On Sunday evening, December 11, we had a church Christmas dinner. It was great fun. The food was delicious and abundant, and the entertainment included, among other performances, a few songs by the Spanish-speaking children of our congregation. They are such beautiful children, and their singing was sweet as could be.

Our congregation always participates in providing Christmas gifts for the children at Cherokee Home for Children. Here were the presents, all waiting for Santa to bag them up and take them to the children.

The Bell County Genealogy Society met on Tuesday night, and it was our annual Christmas finger-food party. I took my French cookies, as usual.

Thursday evening was "Ladies' Night Out," and 20 of the ladies from church had dinner together at Alexander's at the Inn on the Creek, in Salado. Great night of fellowship! Dan and a couple of the other husbands - Andy and Kelly - had their own, unofficial, "Guys' Night Out," and went to dinner at Red Lobster.

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas (a couple days late) with our grandkids. Until then, I'll take a break from blogging and wish you a wonderful Christmas full of love from friends and family.