Saturday, February 15, 2020

Capture 52 - Week 8 BUCKET LIST

Our assignment: Do something from your photography Bucket List, something you've always wanted to try. It could be a technique, a location, a style ... anything.

I've always wanted to try some "street photography," defined as a genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. Usually it involves candid pictures of strangers. Here's my shot for this challenge.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Capture 52 - Week 7 LOVE

I'm starting to participate with a group of on-line photographers in a weekly challenge - Capture 52. I'm starting late, so it's already Week 7, and the theme for this week is "Love." Here is my entry. (Many thanks to my friend, Kay, for the gift of folded book art; and to Dan's cousins Rand and Jane for the Willow Tree figurine.)

I may go back and do some of the ones I missed, if I find the time.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

A February Surprise!

Dan stayed up late last night, and I was in bed, nearly asleep at 12:15, when he came into the bedroom and said, "It's snowing!" At first I thought he was teasing, but he insisted I get up and take a look.The weather prediction had been for a cold night, around freezing, but we hadn't heard anything about snow coming our way. Snow is such a rarity around here!

I figured it would be melted off by morning, so I took a couple pictures before going back to bed.

The first thing I did when I arose this morning was check to see if there was any snow left. And there was! What a beautiful start to a new day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Another Birthday!

Yesterday was birthday number 71 for me! And it was a good one.

The celebrating actually started back on the weekend that I spent with Wynn (Jan. 17-19). She was the first to wish me happy birthday, and to hand me a pretty little gift bag on my departure.

Then came Jan. 23, when we had dinner out with George and Twilla, followed by birthday cake at our house. George and I have birthdays a week apart, so we celebrated between the two birthdays.

This past weekend Chris, Kelsey, Clara and Robert came to visit. We all went to see the Temple Symphony performance of the Pirates of Penzance. My kids and grands treated me to a birthday dinner and an early gift. But no gift would have been better than their visit, itself.

Clara was surprised by a promise of something to come (I'll keep it a secret for now, but NO! It's not a baby brother or sister, so don't get any ideas, dear readers!). It made the weekend extra-special for her.

Yesterday, being the "actual" day, Kay and Andy initiated plans for dinner out at The Gin, in Belton, and then back to our house to play Sagrada, a new table game I got for Christmas. It was a fun evening together. While we were at The Gin, I got a surprise birthday phone call from Tim. He was lots of fun to talk with, and said "something" would be coming to the house for me the next day. And it just arrived!!! Aren't they pretty? Thank you, Tim.

Also arriving at my door today was a gift from Dan. He got me a new watchband for the AppleWatch he gave me on Christmas day. This band is a little fancier, so now I have one for "play" and one for "dress." That was a sweet gift.

I had only, minutes before,  said good-bye to Tim, last evening, when my phone rang again. I was flabbergasted to hear another birthday greeting from my dear, dear friend (since the age of 9) Shelley! She lives in Washington state, and we don't get to talk often, so this was a wonderful treat. She's made a promise to herself to call me more often this year, and knowing that is a big gift to me!

So all the celebrating is behind me now, and I can start counting down to my next one. Thank you all for all your thoughtfulness! I'm blessed with such good friends and a loving family!