Sunday, March 27, 2011

They're Here!

Clara and Robert arrived this morning, about 10:30. They came with a good friend of Chris and Kelsey's, who is an airline employee, so flies for free. She handed them off, and hopped right back on the same plane, which was returning to Houston. What a friend! She said the children were very good on the flight.

At the gate, Clara came running, with arms open wide to smother me with hugs. Robert just looked at me with a puzzled look but was quite agreeable about getting into the stroller and going off with us.

Robert quickly fell asleep in the car on the way home, while Clara talked about anything and everything. She kept her eyes on the sky, hoping to see some balloons. I told her that the balloons usually only flew in the early morning, and that we'd try to see some while she was here.

The children were hungry when we got home, and both ate a big lunch. By now Robert had warmed up to us and was having a grand time. I decided to skip his nap, since he had slept in the car.

We spent the afternoon playing, mostly indoors, with a brief outing to the neighborhood park.

I had been warned by Kelsey that Robert wasn't a very good (or very big) eater, but he did really well at both meals today. He gobbled down the ham and carrots at dinner, but wasn't that excited about potatoes. Clara, on the other hand told me, "I LOVE your potatoes, Grandma!" And she ate everything on her plate.

Robert was amazing at bedtime. After a bath and a story book, I laid him in his bed and he was asleep in a matter of five minutes, I think.

Clara is in bed now, too, and seems to be doing fine, although she did come out, one time, to tell us "I hear noises." We talked about how different houses and different neighborhoods have different sounds sometimes, and I think she's settled down for the night now.

As I was unpacking their suitcase, I found a small smooth stone among the clothes. "What's this, Clara?" "That's to take to bed if I'm scared," she told me, very seriously. I was a tad bit puzzled, but not for long. She told me the story of a brave boy named David, and how he used a small stone to bring down a giant named Goliath. Clara's stone helps her remember that Bible story and not be afraid. How heart-warming is that?!

The adventure has begun! We have two pretty great grandkids.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are off to a great start with the little ones.
They are such good, sweet kids that you are going to have lots of fun this week. The blog is great.


Anonymous said...

I hope your energy stays as strong as it was today! :)
Oh, you and Dan are going to have the best time!! Get your rest! :)


Papa John said...

Now you are are into the best of "Grand-Parenting".

All your buddies will want to hear regular reports on "The C-R Visit" and we will be checking closely for further adventures.

Time will pass mighty quickly this week, you know!

Christopher said...

Thanks for the posts. I'm gonna miss those two :( It's amazing to me that a day can feel like a month when I'm leaving my baby for the first time.

I know they're in good hands though. You all have fun!

Christopher said...

Oops. Obviously this is me, not Chris.