Monday, March 28, 2011

The Three Rules

We had just left the airport when I heard (mis-heard) Clara say, "I have three rolls!" Hmmm, I wondered. Does she have some snacks with her, maybe for the airplane ride? So I asked her if they were in her little pink-piggy backpack. Giggling, she answered, "No, Grandma!"

Then she said, "The first one is to say, 'Yes, Grandma' and 'Yes, Grandpa' when you tell me to do something." Now I caught on. She had three RULES, not ROLLS.

"What are the other two rules?" we prompted.

"The next one is to help take care of Robert," she told us. "And the other one is . . . have FUN!"

I think we can live with those three rules! Especially the last one.

Rules don't go in backpacks, Grandma!

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