Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

[Note to readers - although everyone is most welcome to read these blogs about the "grands," I realize that nearly two weeks of it might just get a bit tiresome. My reason for posting daily is so that Kelsey and Chris can keep tabs on what's going on here, and how the children are doing. It's Kelsey's first time to be away from the children this long - and, in fact, her first time ever to be away from Robert.]

Today was fun. The children slept through the night like troopers! This morning, after breakfast, we played with toys from Grandma's toybox. Clara had a great time making "cookies" with the PlayDoh.

And Robert built towers with blocks, just so he could knock them down.

Around 11:00 Clara was getting a little antsy to "do something." I loaded them both into the car and drove over to Dan's office. He was hoping to get to show them off to his colleagues, anyway, and this seemed as good a time as any. Of course, they were the center of attention as we paraded from office to office.

After lunch and Robert's nap, we went to the Children's Fantasy Garden, where the pumpkin house is. I had told Clara all about it . . . about how everything is really big, so it makes you feel really little ("Like Alice in Wonderland," she reminded me). She was pumped about going there, and was especially eager to see the giant vegetables and shovel and watering can . . . until we got there. She was scared, from the moment we stepped inside. Robert was enjoying everything, and even wanted to sit on one of the giant ants, after seeing some other kids playing on them.

But Clara wasn't having any of it, so I suggested we take the nearest exit and go outside, by the pond, and watch the ducks and geese. That didn't set well with her, either. She didn't want to be in the Fantasy Garden, but she didn't want to leave it either. It seemed there were going to be tears, whether we stayed or left. (Note to Grandma: Be sure activities are age-appropriate!)

We left.

The tears didn't last long.

We went to the pond, and Clara met a little girl, who was there with her mama, and the two of them fed the ducks and geese some little crackers. Robert LOVED the ducks.

It was a BIG day. Dan got home from work before we got back to the house. I fed the children their dinner, and told Dan we'd eat later. Soon after the kids had eaten Uncle Tim dropped by to see them. Clara was tickled to see him and spent almost the rest of the evening curled up in his lap. Tim read her a bedtime story before he left.

All is well, at the end of Day 2. Both children are sound asleep, and we have another day to look forward to tomorrow.

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Christopher said...

Sorry she freaked out on you. I guess it's not too surprising since she hated Sam Houston so much last month. I'm loving the posts! Thank you! I'm so glad to hear they're doing well. Hope they're not running you ragged!