Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Quieter Day

After such a busy day yesterday, we decided to be stay-at-homers, for the most part, today.

Clara wanted her picture taken in front of our pink blossoming peach tree - which is shaped more like a bush - so we dashed outside to do that this morning. I say "dashed" because once we opened the door we realized it was COLD out there! We snapped the picture and then came right back inside.

The children seem to be doing fine here at Grandma and Grandpa's, but Clara's secret feelings slipped out this morning when she and I were playing with the little dollhouse people that I have (and which have turned out to be her favorite playthings). I have quite a collection of them, and she has named each one. Left to Right in the photo below are: Nanny (wow! doesn't look a day over 15), Big Robert, Chris (Daddy), Little Robert (at his feet), Clara, Kelsey (Mama), Max/Zoe, Grandpa and Grandma (who, Clara keeps pointing out, has gray hair!). This morning the Chris- and Kelsey-dolls went on a trip, and the Clara-doll was moaning, "I miss my mommy. And I really miss my daddy." Real-Grandma just wanted to scoop Real-Clara up and hug on her awhile.

Both Robert and Clara took naps this afternoon. Afterward, I took them to Toys R Us, as I had promised Clara we would go get some new crayons and markers. While we were there I told her she could pick something else out, as well. She quickly spied a tote bag, with a pattern drawn on it, and markers to color it. She was SURE that was exactly what she wanted, so I said that was okay. Robert seemed pretty happy with a soft rubbery dinosaur (he's a dinosaur boy, for sure!). He hung onto it all the way through the store, and was unhappy when the clerk needed to see it as we were checking out.

Back home, I was really impressed with Clara's coloring skills, as she decorated her tote bag. There were also some stick-on "jewels" to make it even more stylish.

Here's a picture of her with her completed bag. She can't wait for her Mommy to see it.

So . . . the kids are doing fine! And Grandma is too, but is grateful when bedtime arrives each evening. Grandpa even beat Clara to bed tonight, after helping me with the children during dinner-preparation and clean-up. Yep, everyone is right about God's wisdom in giving little ones to young couples. But each day has been a treat, and I'm NOT complaining, because I wouldn't trade these days for anything.

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