Sunday, March 13, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, John and Betsy

We, of the Northeast congregation of the Church of Christ, said farewell to our preacher, John, and his wife Betsy today. They have worked with this congregation since its beginning, 14 years ago. Although they will be sorely missed, we are excited and happy for them and the mission they are taking on. They will leave, tomorrow, for Kaiserslautern, Germany (known as "K-town") where John will preach and minister to an established English-speaking congregation of about 125 people. K-town is a military community, and John and Betsy were actually stationed there, themselves, when John was in the Army. They are perfectly suited for this work. They plan to complete a three-year commitment there, before returning to Albuquerque, to work in some capacity with the church here, again.

We said our goodbyes during a potluck meal in their honor this afternoon. The congregation presented them with two gifts. The first was one of those bluetooth digital picture frames, so we can all send photos directly to them through a dedicated email address. And the second was an amazing wreath, made, by one of our ladies, from cash donations from the congregation.

We'd appreciate your prayers as we look for a new preacher to come and work with us. Until we find and hire him, the men of the congregation will be sharing the preaching responsibilities.

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