Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was going to name my post today, "News and Notes," but that sounded horribly boring. Next I thought of "Miscellany," but that was too formal. So off I went to the Thesaurus, where I found two fun, new-to-me words, both meaning "some sort of jumble or mishmash." The first one, gallimaufry, is the one I chose to use. But the other one has a great ring to it, as well: salmagundi. I love words that roll off the tongue like that! Now you've learned two new words, which should make your visit to my blog profitable, even if reading the rest of the post isn't. Read on for my gallimaufry of news:

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for everything that's been going on in our family lately.
The prayers are especially precious to us, and are effective. Mom made her move to Lakeview this morning (she just called). I'm telling her to look at it like a month-long vacation -- no housecleaning, no cooking, and no responsibilities except to let her body heal. Chris and Kelsey are doing amazingly well, and Chris has had a number of interviews, some of them really hopeful. Dan talked with his cousin/sister Kathy, and Hospice is giving her a little relief in caring for Lauretta. And he also asked her how the triplets are doing (she's the Grandma). Nothing but good news there. They are healthy and growing like three little sprouts.

We're looking forward to getting together with Ruby and her husband, Dave, this Friday evening.
Some of you might remember that Ruby is my long lost, but now found, pen pal, who lives near Chris and Kelsey. She and Dave are in Albuquerque for the week, visiting their daughter and grandchildren who live here. Their daughter has had major, major surgery recently, and they are here to help out, however they can. I can't wait to meet them for dinner on Friday night and share some more life stories from the 30+ years we were out of touch.

Saturday, Dan and I are meeting, for the first time, one of my "forum friends."
His name is Bill, and he lives in Portland, Oregon, our old stomping grounds. I know him from a photography and Photoshop forum I participate in. He is also doing the 366 Photos for 2008 challenge, as am I. (Here's his 366 Photos site). He and his wife are going to be vacationing in the Albuquerque area, and we've arranged to meet at the 66 Diner for lunch. It should be lots of fun. We'll have a lot to talk about -- Oregon, photography and New Mexico.

I'm so looking forward to a little R&R, toward the end of May, when my long-time friend, Gloria, is coming for a visit.
She has reserved a suite at a hotel here, and she and I will be staying there together. My friend, Sherry, may join us some of the time. I know it seems strange that we're not just staying here at our house, but this way it will be a real "Girls' Get-Away" for both of us. We can talk till the wee hours, if we choose; order room service, if we want; and go for several days with someone else making our beds - ha! I last saw Gloria, briefly, in 2003, when we passed through Seattle as we were moving to Albuquerque. We had lunch together. Other than that quick visit, it's been something like 10 (maybe more) years since we were together. She still had young 'uns at home, and now we are both grandmas. I can't wait to give her a hug and spend some uninterrupted time with her.

I hope the rest of your day is a salmagundi of happy moments!

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Anonymous said...

Gallimaufry from Glo,

Just for the record, that word did not "just roll off of my tongue". And, unlike Linda, I won't remember those new words for longer than 2 minutes...tops!

But Linda and I do have much in common. We have both grown up now (some argue this) and we are what we were meant to be....GRANDMAS!! And I, too, am looking so forward to our visit with each other. As she said, it will be a real girl's R & R. That could include talking ourselves silly and running ourselves ragged (NOT). We will probably put it in low gear and cruise............at any rate, can't wait!!

Two little ones here today....I better go lick those muffin beaters before Kayla figures it out....right now she is engrossed in watching "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". It is her favorite from the library this week....and it is pretty funny...I'll go watch it with her and THEN lick the beaters.

Here's to growing up and growing old (if you can be a grandma),

Gab from Glo