Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Update

Today I went to work until 12:30, then headed for Carlsbad. I arrived here at 5:30, and went directly to the hospital. Mom had a "party" going on in her room. Her friends, Pat, Gloria, John and Judy, were there with a hot thermos of home-brewed coffee and freshly baked brownies. Mom sipped at the coffee, but had no appetite, so didn't eat more than one bite of a brownie (and none of her delectable hospital dinner).

Apparently she had a tough day today, and, although she is a little confused and "loopy" because of the morphine-type pain medication she's on, Gloria confirmed that things really hadn't gone right for her today. A few phone calls were made, and we are feeling fairly confident that she will get moved to Lakeview tomorrow, which is what she really wants.

Despite the emotional upsets of the day, I think her physical condition is improving. She was sitting propped up in her bed when I got there; yesterday she wasn't able to do that. She says that the doctor said her recovery should take six to nine weeks.

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