Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Update

Although there were a few "bumps" in the day -- like more nausea from the pain medicine -- over all, it was a day of progress.

Mom took her first steps with a walker today. She walked 10 or 12 feet during therapy this morning, and then, again, about the same distance this afternoon. Since I arrived on Tuesday evening, I could probably count the bites of food she's actually eaten on two hands. But this evening she thought a baked potato sounded good. So I hopped in the car and went to Wendy's and got her one, and she ate a good portion of it.

On a side note, Carlsbad has had horrendous winds today . . . all day. I think, now that the sun has set, that they are dying down a bit.


Anonymous said... glad to hear of progress made.

In our thoughts,


betty said...

We really appreciate knowing about her daily progress. So glad you could be with her.

Anonymous said...

Please let your Mom know that her family in Juneau is praying for her and thank you for the daily updates. She is loved by many. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Margaret is in my prayers, as is her favorite daughter.