Friday, April 25, 2008

Evening with Ruby and Dave

We had such a nice visit this evening, with Ruby and Dave. We had dinner at Zea Rotisserie (yum! Try it if you ever visit Albuquerque) and then came to our house to continue our mile-a-minute conversation. All evening long we were finding things we had in common, such as Dave and Dan's common passion for car racing. They're already talking about going to a race together sometime.

I'll bet our fifth grade teachers never imagined that one of their classroom assignments would result in a friendship, between two little girls - one a Texan and the other an Alaskan - that would last (with a bit of an interlude) for the next 50 years. FIFTY YEARS! How can it have been that long ago?! (Wait, I think it's 49 years. And that sounds a lot better.)

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Anonymous said...

Such a fun and amazing story...your friendship and your reunion, the location of you and their kids now, etc.

I think it is a great story and you guys should be on Oprah. No kidding!

Glad you all had such a fun evening.