Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mom - Update

It's been an up-and-down week for Mom. Yesterday she was really discouraged, and felt like she was making no progress, or was regressing. For the past few days she's been suffering with a new pain, which starts up high and goes down the back of her leg. It sounds like sciatica, but the therapist thinks it's caused by the muscles in spasm. Whatever it is, it kept her from completing her physical therapy yesterday. She is also on antibiotics for a bladder infection this week. When she called yesterday afternoon, she was close to tears, and, I could tell, feeling like giving up.

However, she called again this morning, and said she felt like she was a bit better. She had just finished the first session of therapy, and had done much better.

Medicare will pay for her to be in this hospital therapy unit until Monday. She is trying to decide if she'll be ready to go home then, or if she should go to Lakeview (care home) to continue with some further therapy and healing before going home. Her decision will affect what I will do next week, as well. If she goes home, I'll go down to stay with her for a few days. If she goes to Lakeview, I won't.

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