Monday, April 7, 2008

Mom - Monday Update

Early this morning Mom woke feeling terribly weak. She said she couldn't even lift the weight of a spoon, in order to eat. When her regular internist dropped by to see her a little later, he discovered that she was very dehydrated (she had had several episodes of vomiting yesterday). He put her back on an IV, which was effective in eliminating the dehydration and the weakness she was experiencing. She tells me that she feels some improvement, today, in her ability to move her legs a bit.

It should be no surprise when God works in His mysterious ways; and this may have been just such a "working." Because she has been in the hospital, and has been run through a zillion tests, some heart irregularities have been discovered, which, if they had not been found, could have resulted in a heart attack. But, her doctor tells her, the new medicines he has prescribed should keep her ticking right along.

Mom will be transferred, maybe tomorrow, to the Lakeview Christian Center, where she will have full-time care and some rehabilitation. I plan to be there by tomorrow evening, and will stay Wednesday and Thursday -- maybe driving home Thursday night -- since her good friends, Pat and Gloria, will be out of town those two days. I will probably go back down, again, once she is released to go home. I'm sure she'll need someone with her for awhile then.

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