Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Two-fer" Night

Friday night is date night for us. Since I had a "Happy Birthday" gift card (buy one, get one free) from Chow's Asian Bistro, last night we decided to take advantage of that offer and have a nice dinner at a very affordable price. Both of us were a little adventurous and tried something new from the menu. Both of us wished, in the end, we'd have gotten our familiar favorites; but for half price we couldn't complain.

As we walked out to our car I said, "We really need to go into JC Penney's [which was right next door] and get a new mattress pad." You see, I ruined our old one last week, by tossing it in the dryer; it came out in shreds. Dan was agreeable to the suggestion, so into Penney's and down the escalator we went. When we came to the bed and bath section, we found a huge white sale going on. So huge that it overwhelmed us! Not only did we get the mattress pad, but we also ended up with a pillow for Dan (I didn't need a new one) and a down-alternative comforter! Even at 50% off, that was a tidy little sum . . . so much for a cheap date!

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Mommy said...

Glad to know about the sale. Our sheets our on their last threads, litterally. I will have to go check it out!