Friday, January 2, 2009

Public Art Part IV - 4-H Park Arch and The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Near the intersection of 12th and Menaul, across the street from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, is the 4-H Park, with this huge metal arch. I've always admired it as we drove past, but this was the first time I stopped at the park.

Now I'm realizing that I didn't do such a good job of photographing the arch. Once I got home and started looking at the picture of the concrete pad that lies beneath and behind it, I saw that there were some numbers and words carved into it. I need to go back and take some good close-up pictures of those carvings, because I think they have to do with months and days of the year, and that this whole thing might be some kind of sundial or calendar. Maybe some of you can help me with this??? Here is the one picture I took of the concrete, and below that you'll see a section of that photo that I enlarged. I'd love it if one of my readers could figure this all out. And I promise to return to the 4-H Park and capture some better images of the numbers and words.

Leaving the park, I went across the road to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. They are the official interpretive center for the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, and their mission is: "To preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect, the accomplishments and evolving history of the Pueblo people of New Mexico." Dan and I go there, now and then, for our Saturday morning breakfast.

The art I chose to photograph is only a portion of what is on display, and is only of outside (public) art. There are a number of murals painted on the stucco walls. Note the outdoor oven near the last mural. This is used to make their bread for the restaurant. When the bread is baking, the aroma in the outdoor air is wonderful. If you take the time to go inside, and especially to go through their museum, you'll see more art than you can take in.

This piece is dedicated to "all of the American Indian Veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America."

This metal sculpture is on the street-side wall of the building.

And, I saved my favorite for last. This beautiful bronze statue stands at one of the entrances.

More Albuquerque public art is coming your way soon.

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