Friday, January 9, 2009

Overnight Visitors

We left Oregon almost 11 years ago. We were friends with a couple who had two sons and a little girl, named Sarah. We had been there to see Sarah grow from a newborn to the bright little eight-year-old that she was when we moved away. She was as sweet as she was cute. We haven't seen Sarah (or any of her family) since 1998.

Wednesday night our phone rang. It was Sarah's mother. Sarah and a friend were driving from Oregon to Oklahoma Christian University, where they are both students. They were returning after being home, with their families, for Christmas break. Because of the terrible weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest right now, they had to go a route that took them down into California, then east on I-40. They would be passing through Albuquerque sometime Thursday night, and she wondered if they could stay that night with us.

"Of course!"

Sarah and her friend, Mark (from Vancouver, WA), finally made it to Albuquerque around 9:00 p.m. We all stayed up and talked until 11:30 or so, and Dan and I really enjoyed visiting with them. Sarah is a beautiful young lady now, a sophomore, who spent her first semester this year studying abroad (Vienna, Austria). We also enjoyed meeting Mark, who is the son of a Vancouver preacher. It was a joy having them here for this surprise visit, and we hope one or both of them will stop by on other trips to and from college.


Papa John said...

Thanks for taking care of one of ours, Mark B., from Vancouver, as well as sheltering your friend Sarah.

Reminds me a bit of III Jn 5&6 and counts in the "Do Good unto all..." column. You done good, and I know these kids appreciated it!

I also know that for many Christians (and virtually all who ever belonged to the Lord's church in Juneau), this kind of hospitality is not only a common event but one which brings with it great joy and many blessings for the hosts. How nice that a concerned Momma was confident in you and sure enough of your caregiving to entrust her child and friend into your home.

In the opening of the doors of your house and heart, you and Dan have made new friends, comforted parents from afar, honored God and His Word, and protected a couple of precious ones. Sharing food and shelter and giving rest are only small parts of the love gift in situations this this.

Everyone is thankful!!

PS Where does Sarah live?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that is "little" Sarah! How time flies.....

Linda said...

No kidding, Genie! When I knew she was coming, I kept trying to picture what she'd look like. All I could envision was this little 8-year old. But she DOES look a lot like her mama, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking she looked alot like her oldest brother!
But, now that you mention her mom, I can see that,