Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Sweet Sweetpea Moment

When we arrived at Mom's house, a few days before Christmas, Chris, Kelsey and Sweetpea were already there. Sweetpea ran to us, arms opened wide when we came in the door, and there was no doubt that she knew and remembered us from previous visits. But still, it's hard to keep names straight, especially when one has a Grandma, a Grandpa, a Nanny, a Bia and a Pawpaw (not to mention TWO Uncle Tims!).

One afternoon I was sitting in the living room with the "kids", while Mom was in the kitchen and Dan was in the family room, trying to fix Mom's computer.

Sweetpea looked around the living room and asked, "Where's Grandma?"

"I'm right here," I said.

"No," she said, "Where's Grandma?"

"Do you mean 'Nanny'?" we asked.

"No! The other Grandma," she said, with obvious frustration.

She was asking about her Grandpa! So for the rest of the trip Dan was teasingly referred to as "The other Grandma."

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