Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Puzzling Post

I think I've gone overboard on public art, so this will be the last one, for awhile. I may revisit it later. This one I've made interactive, to keep you awake. I think the lack of comments in the past five days tells me my readers have been a bit bored with these art displays. Sorry!

To work the puzzle, click on the arrow in the bottom left corner of the puzzle. This picture is of one of the tiled arches at the North Fourth Art Center, on 4th Street.

My first attempt at solving took 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Try to beat my time (shouldn't be too hard), and post your time as a comment. Have fun!
Click to Mix and Solve


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying the pictures and envying you the blue skies and sunshine. I really enjoyed the puzzle today and your record time still stands. Kathryn

Kelsey said...

Oh man, 5:16. Good job figuring out a way to get some more comments!

Papa John said...

Well, I'm still resisting packing everything "Google-and-friends" want to put into my computer, so the puzzle wouldn't load for me. Sorry. Does the quarter of an hour I spent figuring out that it wanted "Chrome" something first count at least as honest effort?

Don't shy away from your photo essays like the "Public Art" series. I loved it, and I'm holding you to the personal tour of Albuquerque promise whenever we manage to get down there.

The crowds are gone and its just B and me at home now. Somehow its just too quiet. Hmmmm.

Linda said...

Oh, sorry John. But you didn't miss that much ;-)

Sure! Come on down. Anytime. My work schedule makes it good for afternoon tours!

Mommy said...

4:46......I love puzzles....great photo.

Linda said...

Oh, no! On your first try, B? I guess I'll have to go try it again. Oh, and by the way, congratulations!