Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sneaky Husband - Part Two

And now, the REST of the story (continued from HERE).

So, one huge surprise wasn't enough for this birthday, I guess.

Last night Chris and Kelsey said they wanted to take us to dinner. Dan told us that he made reservations for us at Black Angus, for 6:45. We drove over there, and were taken to a back room to be seated. As we walked into the room, the host stopped, and I was wondering why he didn't seat us. That's when nearly the whole room broke into "Happy Birthday to You!" Seated at various tables surrounding ours were all sorts of dear friends, and Tim was already seated at the family table. In the center of our table was a stunning bouquet of red roses (from Dan), along with a pile of cards from everyone. I really couldn't have been more surprised!

Friends and family
Roses from Dan

It must have taken a good 15 minutes for me to get around and hug and thank everyone who was there to usher me into senior citizenship! After dinner came a pretty decorated cake, and a sort of a roast/toast/"This is Your Life" from our preacher and good friend, John.

Part way through the dinner it dawned on me that I not only have a sneaky husband (as I said in the first post), but an entire sneaky family and a host of sneaky friends! Dan pulled it all off without a hitch, but being the perpetrator and secret-keeper took a toll on him. He was pretty drained by the end of the evening. He asked Chris to do the driving when we left the restaurant, and, after we got home, he didn't take long to drop into bed.

What a guy! And What a family! Having Chris, Kelsey, Sweetpea and Tim at our family table and so many loving friends there with us, was a sweet reminder of the blessings God has showered on us over the years.

The "Sneaky One" and me with my cake

Chris, Kelsey and Sweetpea

Sweetpea's favorite part of dinner was the cake

This morning Tim and our friend, Keith, joined us for a final breakfast together, before Chris, Kelsey and Sweetpea took off for the airport. Here are just a few more pictures, taken over the past few days, of my favorite "subject."

Sweetpea has her own little Fisher Price camera, and here she is taking a picture of Grandma's robotic puppy, Rocky. This was the first time that Sweetpea was around Rocky and not terrified of him.

"What do you mean? Take WHAT finger out of the ice cream?"

A contented Grandpa, with Sweetpea in his lap

Sweetpea and Grandma, before the party

Time out to do a little "work"

A big smile from our pride and joy


Anonymous said...

Dear Sneaky Husband, Sneaky Family, and Sneaky Friends (it appears Linda attracts sweet sneaks),

I am so impressed with you all. What an amazingly sneaky feat yo pulled off. It was just one well kept secret after another.

I LOVE all the pics you posted. That is a great pic of you and Sweet Pea, Linda. (Yes, I am blonde but I did figure out that you did not take the pic yourself. And I LOVE ALL those pics of Sweet Pea...especially the one in the bright pink polka dot shirt.

So glad you had that visit with them and so glad you are so blessed with so many wonderful friends to celebrate with you.

I think Dan should be invited into the Hero's Hall of Fame right along with Trash Man!!



Anonymous said...

You are very blessed, Linda. What wonderful
surprises you had to celebrate your birthday.....


Tanya said...

Happy late birthday! I am glad to hear you had a great time and that you did not loose your jaw when you saw Clara.