Thursday, January 1, 2009

Public Art Part II - Tree of Life and Metal Pages

On the corner of Montano and 4th Street NW, with a car wash behind it, and a Dunkin Donuts on it's side, stands this impressive tile mosaic piece, titled Tree of Life. I like the fact that so many of these pieces of art are in very busy, ordinary places; they often provide a sensory surprise, because of their unexpected locations.

According to the plaque at the base, "This artwork recognizes the imagery of early cultures that influenced the peoples of Mexico and New Mexico. The black and white figures are animal images from Native American Mimbres pottery. The colorful figures are images from the Maya culture."

While the front side is curved, the back side of the piece is flat, but just as beautiful.

The next piece of public art I photographed stands on the corner of 5th and Copper, beside the downtown library. It is titled Metal Pages. I love the way the blue of the sky is reflected in the shiny metal. From certain perspectives, it almost looks like clear glass.


Christina said...

Hi Linda,

I enjoyed the two sided tree of life you posted. Am looking for illustrations for a book that will be published next year and wondering if could use the photo image with the coiled serpent under the earth. I can not pay for images but would acknowledge you in the book. If interested please email your consent to use to and how you would like to be listed. Book to be entitled The Tao of the Tarot and discusses the symbolism of the serpent ouroborus in different cultures.

Thanks and best wishes,

Christina Bjergo

Linda said...

My very limited understanding of Taoism leads me to believe that Tao is an impersonal "way" or "path" that existed from the beginning and "created heaven and earth." I believe, on the other hand, in a personal God, who existed from the beginning and created heaven and earth. The impersonal force of Tao does not really agree with my Christian belief in a personal God. I believe the biblical statement made by Jesus: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

I also do not support seeking guidance through Tarot cards, because I'm convinced that guidance comes from God through prayer.

Therefore, I respectfully decline your request to print one of my photos in your book, though I thank you for your interest in my photography.