Monday, May 19, 2008

Gallimaufry* II

* A jumble; a hodgepodge.

Tim has a second parakeet, to keep Quint company. This one is female, so who knows what the future may bring?! Last time I asked him, he hadn't settled on her name yet. You may remember that Quint is turquoise in color. I'm told that the new bird is also turquoise, but has a lot of white feathers, as well. She sounds pretty.

Tim's job is going well. He does a bit of in-state traveling for the company, mostly up to Santa Fe or down around Artesia and Las Cruces. He likes his co-workers, and enjoys the responsibilities he's been assigned. He took Dan and I out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day, and we had a great time.

The Air Force is requiring many of their technical people (including Dan) to take and pass a Network Plus exam. Last week, Dan passed the test, on his first try, so it is no longer hanging over his head. Congratulations, Dan!

Lauretta is doing better than at my last report. Kathy still has help coming in a few times a week, but is even considering cutting that back. Marci and Sascha got to take a trip up to Montana to visit her recently, which was nice for all of them.

I have happy news, that my Mom is really doing much better this week. Although she is quarantined (in her room at Lakeview), due to an infection she picked up somehow, she is moving around, with her walker, quite independently for short distances; and she is no longer suffering the mental confusion that plagued her for so long. It was six weeks ago on Sunday when she first fell. I think she will be discharged in the near future.

Kelsey and Sweetpea are in the midst of "Operation Potty Chair." Kelsey has quite a system in place, with a sticker chart, and a little prize earned for every five stickers. Sweetpea earned her first prize last week, and we're all hoping, for Kelsey's sake, that "the system" will be the motivation that Sweetpea needs to master this rite of passage :-)

My friend, Gloria, surprised me with a call this week. We chatted on and on, and laughed just like old times -- just a little preview of what our few days together will be like. She arrives a week from Wednesday! Since we are going to stay in Albuquerque (but at a hotel), I'm calling it my "staycation."

Sherry has had her good times and bad, with some health issues, but is doing pretty well today. Tomorrow we plan to go on a little photo shoot, after lunch. We haven't decided where yet, but I'll blog about it after we return.

Chris has been on his new job, now, for two weeks. Last time I talked with him, he had finished his first week and was still enthused about it. I think I'll give him a call this evening, to see how it's going now.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Linda and I had a little pre-gab it an appetizer if you like...the main event is yet to come. I will start XXXing off my calendar days tomorrow!!

Ken left for Belgium early this AM. Sometimes when your husband is away you do things that you would not ordinarily do. I had a Skinny Cow (chocolate peanut butter) for dinner. Delic! If you don't know what a Skinny Cow is then you probably have no reason to be eating them. Anyway, Skinny Cows are not on our "to eat" list during our Staycation. Oh well...

So...Linda....if your grandbird, Quint, gets married and has a quad of little could soon be a GREAT grandma??? Let me know if it's all it cracked up to be.

Oh wait..this IS Linda's blog...