Friday, May 2, 2008

Defining Moment #5 - Childbirth

Having children defined me as a mother. I remember, a few days before Chris was born, trying to wrap my mind around that concept. "Today I'm not a mother, but next week I will be." I tried to comprehend it, but really couldn't until the first moment I held my baby.

I learned many lessons through being a mother, not least of which is that God knows, better than I, what children I should have. If I could have shopped for my children through a mail-order catalog, and been allowed to choose every single characteristic I wanted, I doubt that I would have checked the boxes beside (just to name a few):

a Allergies and asthma
a Attention deficit
a Non-stop talking
a Delayed speech
a Slow to potty train
a Fearless and accident prone
a Overly cautious

And yet, as it turned out, I love each of my sons, not in spite of having some of those characteristics, but because of them! I gradually learned to treasure each small trait that played a part in making them the wonderfully unique little fellows they were (and big fellows they are). And if I had custom ordered designer-kids, I wouldn't have ended up with the two that I love with all my heart.

Having children defined me as someone who defends, protects, provides, compliments, encourages, comforts, disciplines, trains, teaches, enjoys, plays with and takes pride in her children. That would be a mother.

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Papa John said...

I think I understand, Linda, since I am a much better husband because of Betty than I would have been "on my own" (so to speak), and a much better Daddy because of the specific three children God put into my care for a while.

And the growing and learning process never ends. I just continue to absorb new experiences and deeper understandings as I relate to each child, and as my bride and kidlets master their maturity, I continue to develop too..

They range now from late thirties to early forties (however their mother and I are hardly aging at all now) and we are still challenged to achieve and excel in our parenting skills.

It is a wonderful journey.