Thursday, May 8, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

On Tuesday, Mom's case manager asked me to decide between having her do skilled therapy in the rehab wing of the hospital, or back at Lakeview. Since Mom adores the therapist at Lakeview, and cooperates well with him, I decided that would be a better choice. Mom wasn't very clear-headed on Tuesday, but I talked to her about it, and she was fine with the Lakeview choice. The case manager said the move would happen the next day -- Wednesday.

Wednesday was a long day. After getting up in the morning, I stripped the bed in Mom's guest room, where I'd been sleeping; washed the sheets; and re-made the bed. I packed up my things and loaded the car. By 8:30 or so, I was ready to go see Mom at the hospital and find out what the plans were for the move. Sadly, a nurse had already been in Mom's room and said, "I hear you're going home today!" So Mom was sure she was going home. When she told me this, I said, "Oh, Mom, you need to get stronger before you go home! I think you're going to go to Lakeview for awhile." But she didn't believe me. I went and found the case manager, who confirmed that she was being discharged ("going home" as far as the nurse was concerned) today, but to Lakeview, not her house.

She was actually alright with this. I think she realized that she'd be in a pickle if she went home in the condition she is currently in.

I stayed and tried to get her to eat a little breakfast, but she wouldn't. I had made arrangements with Pat and Gloria, for them to oversee the move to Lakeview, because I had to start the trip home. It was hard saying "good-bye," but we did. Before leaving Carlsbad, I went by a flower shop to order some flowers for Mother's Day. I sure hope they get delivered to the right place. When I ordered them, I didn't know what room she'd have, in Lakeview.

The trip home seemed to take twice as long as it should! It didn't, really, although it did take a couple hours longer than usual. Part of that was because I went the scenic route to avoid construction on I-40, but it doesn't seem it should have added that much time! I stopped for about a half hour in Roswell to get gas for the car and a hamburger for me. And I stopped three or four other times, briefly, to take a picture or answer a phone call. Anyway -- I left Carlsbad at 10:30 a.m. and made it home by 5:00 p.m.

I just called Mom to see how she is doing, and she sounds good. She is planning to have someone wash her hair today, which she's really been anxious about. They've taken away her walker, and don't want her to walk anymore, right away. She'll probably have it back pretty soon, since she was walking short distances with it, while in the hospital.

Mom's in Room #59 at:
Lakeview Christian Home
1905 West Pierce Street
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220

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