Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ultimate Defining Moment

The moment that defined me in a way that no other event did was my baptism into Christ, some 45 years ago. At that moment I became a completely new person - one who aims to be "like Christ," while, gratefully, relying upon God's grace, because of my imperfection.

Everything that happened in my life following that decision was shaped by it -- the college I attended, the man I married, the choices I made in parenting, the way I related to our exchange kids, the faith I exercised in moving to Albuquerque, the thanksgiving I have for Sweetpea and the role I play in her life.

I assume other events will continue to define me, in the future, but those events and that process will be nothing more than a continuation of the refining that started on that day in 1963.

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