Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweetpea Dances

Here I am swiping pictures from Kelsey's blog again! But this one was just so cute that I had to share it with everyone I know. (I realize some of you read Kelsey's blog, and she has several other cute new pictures out there - so rush on over!)

Anyway, Sweetpea is taking lessons this summer. The class is a combination of ballet, tap and gymnastics; and she's loving it! It seems she's always had a "thing" for ballerinas, or, as she says it, "balle-neenas." So here's our precious little balle-neena!


Kelsey said...

Actually, she hasn't started lessons just yet. It's a couple of weeks out. That move there was self taught. She's got raw talent.

Anonymous said...

Well, lessons or not...she looks adorable beyond words!!

Kelsey, don't decorate her room too may need to put in a mirrored walls with a...what are they called? A dance bar? (I'll bet Linda knows the proper term.)

I associate the word "Nutcracker" with "ballet" but that is almost the sum total of my knowledge of ballet.

Love, GR