Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Setback

Sunday morning I had a call from Lakeview, telling me that Mom had taken another fall, and was being transported by ambulance to the Carlsbad hospital. I called Pat, and he said he'd check on her and get back in touch with me.

After church and lunch with Keith and Sherry, Pat and I talked and we both agreed that I should go back down there, at least for a day, until she was stable again, in the hospital. Her vitals were out of whack, and they were working to stabilize them. I got packed quickly and left Albuquerque at 3:00 p.m. Since I knew I-40 had some serious construction going on, I went the scenic route, down I-25 and cutting across through Carrizozo, Capitan and Lincoln. It really was a pretty drive, but took more time than going the I-40 way. After stopping in Roswell for gas and then being stopped outside of Artesia at an alcohol checkpoint, I finally rolled into Carlsbad at about 8:45 p.m.

I found Mom in ICU, and heavily medicated for pain, as well as for heart and blood pressure. She was pretty comfortable and talkative. I didn't stay too late, but before I left asked a nurse about the x-ray report. I was so thankful to hear that no ribs were broken, which had been a concern. I didn't stay too late, but was back in her room around 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

On Monday they moved her out of ICU into a regular room - all vitals were looking good. The "game plan" is to keep her there for a couple days, and then move her to the rehab section of the hospital (again). She remembers this as a torture chamber, so I hope it goes better for her there this time around. I have no idea what all of this means for her going-home prospects. We're taking it a day at a time.

I plan to go home on Wednesday morning, and don't know just when I'll need to come back again. I'm running low on sick leave. I'm so thankful that my employer allows me to use sick leave for family members, though! And I'm grateful that my supervisor has been so supportive, reminding me of two things: "Family comes first," and "That's what sick leave is for." (Thanks, Betsy!)

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