Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten Things I'll Never Do

(Thanks to Patty for posting her list, and encouraging others to do the same.)
  1. Eat sashimi (raw fish) - I just can't bring myself to put it into my mouth. Call me "squeamish about sashimi." (And say that ten times, fast!)
  2. Get a face lift - I don't have anything against it, but I'm just a chicken when it comes to needles, scalpels and . . . pain.
  3. Smoke or drink - I've gone close to six decades without either; why start now? Neither one holds any attraction for me.
  4. Stop reading - I suppose my eyes could get so bad that I wouldn't be able to read, but there are always books on CDs.
  5. Be thin - I've tried, it seems, my whole life, and all it has done is steadily move me in the other direction.
  6. Wear high heels - I never learned to walk in them, when I was young; and walking, itself, is enough of a challenge now!
  7. Write the "great American novel" - I love to write, but I don't have the talent to sustain a complex plot, much less several intertwining plots.
  8. Say, "I'd be bored if I didn't work" - Not me! I have too many things I want to do, and too little time to do them.
  9. Be wealthy - It's too late for me to think about that. But I am rich, in the ways that really count.
  10. Travel to all the places I want to see - But I hope to give it a try!


Anonymous said...

I will never:

1. Have a pet snake...Hellooo! There was a reason God chose a snake to portray Satan in Genesis; slimy, beady eyes, forked tongue, and low down for starters.

2. Go cave spelunking (i.e. hang out with bats...NO thanks!).

3. Be a pro basketball player (if you know me, you'll get that).

4. Go on the "nude cruise" that Holland America offers. Yes, it's true, they do! We have a friend in the business..the cruise business, not the nude business.

5. Cease to be amazed at the absolute wonder and miracle of a newborn baby!!!

6. Get my tongue pierced. An thath thy thinath anther!

7. Get a tatoo. What are these young girls thinking?? Do they not know that gravity is NOT their friend, and what started out as a rosebud above their left breast, will someday be a long stemmed rose in the neighborhood of their left kneecap??

8. Eat a fish taco. Those are two different food types; Mexican food and seafood, and never the twain shall meet!

9. Make the cut on "Dancing With the Stars". Obviously, I am not a STAR. And, alas, being a born (and born again) and raised third generation church of Christ member, ALL rhythm has been bred out of me. The kids tried to teach me "line dancing" in our living room for a spell when it was popular..but I can't even dance in a straight line!

10. Get to bed or get a real e mail off to L.J. if I just keep writing on her blog.

STILL Soggy in Seattle,


Linda said...

Those are great ones, G! But look at the time stamp! You were up waaaay too late. I may have to put a curfew on my blog, so as not to keep you up beyond your bedtime!