Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Photo Challenge for 2008

As many of you know, my hobby is photography and photo editing. For 2008 I hope to challenge myself to get out there and take more pictures, therefore I have decided to try DOGEARED's (aka Helen's) version of the 366 challenge, which you can read about here. (And Helen's own inspiration for the challenge came from this blog.) I will be making one change to the rules, however. I am allowing myself to Photoshop the pictures. After all, editing is also part of my passion.

The general idea of the challenge is to take 366 pictures during the year 2008, each one depicting one of the themes that Helen has specified. The themes can be taken in random order, and the pictures don't absolutely have to be one per day. If you miss posting a picture one day, it can be made up. The bottom line is that you post 366 pictures spread out over the year and covering all 366 themes.

Instead of cluttering my regular blog with the photos, I'll post them to a different blog site, but I have provided the link here, in the side-bar to the left. Please feel free to click on that link every day, to see how I am doing. The theme list is also available on that page.

And, if you got a new camera for Christmas, or if photography is your passion, as well, please join into the fun. Be sure to leave a comment here, though, so other readers and I can enjoy your 366 photos.

I'll be posting my first photo this afternoon.


Helen (Dogeared) said...

Oh excellent - not just friends doing it, but new people! Could you also credit the girls who originally thought of the idea? (the link is in my original Blog post, I'm at work right now).

Oh and it is Helen, you're right! (also, typo in the first Dogeared ;-) )

I look forward to seeing your photos! I just thought - if editing is part of the challenge for you, are you going to post the before and after editing pictures together, to document it? [/curious]

Welcome aboard! Oh and if you visit the original creator's Blog (linked to in my post), leave a comment and they'll add you to their Blog links panel too :D

Linda said...

The other blog site has now been credited, and the "Dogeared" typo has been corrected :-)

If I do anything more than a simple levels adjustment, hue/saturation adjustment or crop on the photos, I will post the before and after. That is a good suggestion.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are off and running with the photo challenge. I like that spinach noodle one!


Kelsey said...

Wow. That is quite the challenge. Looks like you'll have lots of fun with this.

Linda said...

Yes, Kelsey. Wish me luck. I hope I make it through the year will all 366 themes.