Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New TV Comes Home

For Christmas I gave Dan the flat-screen, high-definition TV that he's been wishing for, for some time. I'd been giving him a hard time about it, knowing that I wanted to do this for him, and not wanting him to jump the gun. I think I went overboard, a bit, with the "hard time," because he was becoming a little glum, certain that I'd never be convinced that we needed a new TV.

Since we traveled to Chris and Kelsey's for Christmas, there was no way to actually bring a new TV with us. Instead, I made my very first E-Bay purchase - a little dollhouse-sized flat-screen TV (no, it doesn't actually work). It has a teensy weensy power cord with a plug on the end, and an itsy bitsy remote control (teensy weensy and itsy bitsy are high-tech terms of measurement). That's what I wrapped up and gave to him, as a stand-in for the real thing.

Today we went to Costco, with the money I had saved up for this purchase, and bought the TV. Keith met us there, to help with loading it into our Escape, and bringing it into the house once we got it home. Next we need to get the Direct TV people out to the house to change over our service to high-def. In the meantime, we can watch it anyway, and Dan is a happy hubby.

And here it is!

. . . with the mini one sitting right in front of it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Happy Hubby,

Wow! What a Wonder Wife you have!! That is pretty special!! And, Linda...your first e-bay purchase??? Wasn't it all too easy? Set up a Paypal account and gooooooooo girl!!

Ken and I have both been thinking for a while that maybe a new TV is in order sometime in the not too distant future...

until then..I'm glad Ken doesn't read this blog!

Just kidding....that is great!

So...does that man that you saw the Seahawks lose big time today?? Not so great :(