Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

For the most part, Albuquerque has mild winter temperatures, but right now we are in a cold spell that is reminding me of my years in Alaska. When I left for work this morning it was 13 degrees, and, according to the radio, the windchill brought it down to -2. I used to be okay with that kind of weather, but after 4-1/2 years here I guess I've become acclimated. It's even worse because we don't have the cold-weather clothes that we had in Alaska.

Some of you may be watching my "366 Photos for 2008" blog, and if so you've probably noticed that I've had to settle for indoor pictures the past couple days. But the weather man is predicting a gradual warming trend, so hopefully I'll be back out there snapping shots around the city pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Whew....that IS cold!! I had no idea.

I guess the good news is that your joints don't rust like ours do here (Seattle)!!

More to you soon!


Linda said...

No rusty joints here, but, as a lady told me when we were thinking of moving to Albuquerque, "It's so dry here that your lips will turn to potato chips!"

Anonymous said...

Hello, Potato Chip Lips!


Well, it sounds as if you and I are quite the pair....

pair of WHAT is he BIG question, right?


Soggy in Seattle