Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Some folks are a great inspiration to me.

Two of those people would be S & K. S and K are members of our church congregation. They have one daughter, who is eight years old. Recently a single mom in our congregation fell very ill, and her illness was complicated, later, by a stroke. After several months, she was still in and out of the hospital. Her children, a girl and a boy, about 11 and 12 years old, already had a good relationship with S & K, who stepped up quickly to bring them into their home while the mother recuperated.

As time went on, it became apparent that the mom wasn't going to fully regain her health and wouldn't be able to care for the children. After prayerful consideration, conversation with the mom and the grandparents, and discussions with all three children, S and K accepted the responsibility of becoming legal guardians for the two children. This suddenly increased the size of their family from three to five, including two pre-teens.

Dan and I have talked with them several times during the decision-making process. Dan had the experience of being brought into a new family, at the age of nine; so he has some insight from the child's perspective. And, of course, we've kept foster children and exchange students; so we both have some insight into caring for children who were not, strictly speaking, "our own." We understand that the family dynamics of events like this, though rewarding, can be complicated and challenging.

S, K and the children usually sit directly in front of us during worship services. They are a great inspiration to me of selfless commitment to walking in the Light. If you have any space left on your prayer list, could you please add S, K and the children to it?


Anonymous said...


AMAZING commitment!

VERY humbling!

Very much in my prayers.


Linda said...

Thank you, Gloria. I know they'd be grateful.