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Trip to Inuvik - Day 6 - Saturday, 07/13/2002

Inuvik - A Quiet Day

I got up at 7:00 a.m. Since Dan was still sleeping soundly, I left him in the room and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, by myself. I took a little spin around town again, then came back to see if Dan was awake yet. He was. While he got ready for the day, I did some laundry. The hotel only has one washer/dryer combo, so I had to do our two loads one after the other.

This is the Community Greenhouse in Inuvik
Home-grown fresh veggies!

The Catholic Church in Inuvik is known as "The Igloo Church"

When that chore was finished, we went to lunch together, then we dropped by the tour office, to see if we could somehow get back our certificates that I left at the Tuk airport yesterday. The lady there said she'd try to have someone retrieve them, and asked us to check back after 4:30 p.m.

Inuvik is hosting the Great Northern Arts Festival this week, and I have been eager to go see it. We missed the opening ceremonies last night, which would have included music and Native dances, because we didn't get back from Tuk until late. Finally, today, we had time to go. It was a very nice show, with artists demonstrating their skills and selling their products. Most of the art pieces, though, were "too nice" for my pocketbook, so I didn't buy anything. (Maybe I should have bought one of those felt-and-seashell trinkets in Tuk!)

The Great Northern Arts Festival

We found the grocery store today, which we have been looking for ever since we drove into town. It is no wonder we didn't find it earlier, since it is inside a large metal warehouse , with no exterior sign. Actually half of the space is dedicated to groceries, and the other to clothing. I only thought to look inside this building after seeing a lady come out with what looked like grocery sacks in her arms.

Before dinner we dropped by the tour office, once again, to see if they had successfully retrieved our certificates. They had! I was really happy to have them back.

This evening our hotel restaurant was closed for a private party, so we ate at the McKenzie Hotel. It is an elegant restaurant, and the food is both delicious and expensive. today was relaxing, which was good, since we begin our return trip tomorrow. I'm looking forward to spending some more time in Dawson City.

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