Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trip to Inuvik - An Introduction

Dan and I have taken a number of enjoyable vacations, but the one that we both agree was our most memorable was our trip to Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. I'd like to share with you a day-by-day recap of that trip, based upon the journal I kept, with some accompanying photos. Maybe reading this will encourage you to make this trip, yourself, sometime.

Inuvik is a small town, located 2 degrees above the arctic circle, on the Mackenzie Delta. To get to Inuvik, we drove the Dempster Highway, a 417-mile gravel road beginning near Dawson City, and winding through the Arctic wilderness to Inuvik. (See map here.) The town of Inuvik was built in the late '50s, because of the discovery of oil in the Mackenzie Delta.

The Dempster Highway was officially opened on August 18, 1979. It's in no way a typical highway. The road sits on top of a gravel berm, which insulates the permafrost in the soil beneath it. The gravel pad ranges from four to eight feet deep. Without it, the permafrost would melt and the road would sink.

Once in Inuvik, we also took a short small plane trip to the Inuvialuit village of Tuktoyaktuk, which, for me, was the highlight of the entire vacation.

I hope you'll enjoy reading a day-by-day account of our trip, starting tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, will be excited to read this.

Let the vacation begin!!


Linda said...

We saw some of your kinfolk in Tuktoyaktuk! Stay tuned for pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting with "baited" breath to see pics of my old kin Tuk!!
OK...this was wierd!
Speaking of kin and all I believe that you and I have a common connection (no, Linda, we're NOT related :(...I checked the geneology records at the COJCOLDS library in Salt Lake City). BUT...something you said in your blog caused me to take a look at Kelsey's blog (so so cute) and as I read names in it that caused me to then looked at her friend Becky's blog. I stayed up reading waaaay past my bedtime because I was soooooooo excited to realize that those frends of Chris and Kelsey's (Becky, Micah) are the kids of my wonderful friend from HS at Columbia (really!! I will send you my wedding pics with her in it)....and that Sweetpea's good friend L is my friend's grandaughter and that they all worship at the same congregation!!! I had to read the blog a bit because her last name is different etc. I will look more later when I have more time. I was pathetic at staying in touch after they moved away from Portland ( know how bad I am at of those things that looms in the "BIG REGRETS" catagory of your mind).
Well....I think that if it is time for true confessions I should send you an e mail. I am sure I have you thoroughly confusd by now, Linda, and others are bored with these out of control
mb lings of this much too BLONDE Nana.

More later...