Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Seasonal Changes

I stopped, on my drive home from work today, to take a few final pictures of the beautiful fall colors. This tree stands beside a house near the bosque. Its shimmering leaves were aglow in the early afternoon sunlight.

However many of the trees have gone through yet another change, with the arrival of the colder night-time temperatures. (Some parts of the city have seen their first frost of the season.) Their leaves are starting to dry out and to trade their clarity for a burnished, mottled hue. Soon they'll be drifting to the ground, where they'll swirl and dance in the November winds. I stopped and took this picture of some of those leaves - the harbingers of winter - in their fading splendor. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Looks as if there are a few green leaves still holding out.


Anonymous said...

Your leaf pictures are very pretty. We are seeing some beautiful trees around Carlsbad too.

Our gas prices shot up 20cents over night, and are now at $3.19 all over town.

Love You....Mom