Saturday, November 10, 2007

PS re: "Harvey Complex"

I think I'm safe from the "white coats." This morning, while Dan and I were both quietly working at our computers, in different rooms of the house, Quint delivered his two-line soliloquy: "Chirp. Good boy." I wasn't going to humiliate myself by asking, "Did you hear that?" and having Dan reply, once again, "No." But to my surprise, Dan called out from the other room, "I heard it!" That just made my day.


Anonymous said...


Quint sounds so special.

You mentioned Thanksgiving Day a few posts back and that leaves me wondering if Quint participates with you in your Thanksgiving Day festivities...?? And to WHAT extent??

If so, I'm thinking that if Quint is inadvertantly subjected to observing all the prep procedures associated with the traditional "big birds in white coats" on Thanksgiving Day, then it will not matter in the least how many times you say, "Good boy", to him....

you will have to find a good support group for him before Christmas Day rolls around...oh wait...if I remember correctly you do prefer prime rib on Christmas Day (big sigh from Quint).


Anxious Cornish game hen

Linda said...

Hi there, "Corny,"

Well, my hope is that Quint will be settled into his new home, with Tim, before Turkey day. And you can bet that Tim won't be roasting our turkey, so Quint should be safe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Better to be a cornball than a Butterball >:( at this time of year

Love to you,