Thursday, November 29, 2007

Micro Waves Good-bye

I had several errands to run after work yesterday, so it was about 2:45 by the time I got home. I hadn't eaten any lunch yet, so popped something into the microwave, pushed the buttons, and the oven began humming away. When it beeped, I opened the door, reached in, eager to eat my long over-due lunch. But it was still as cold as it was when I took it out of the refrigerator! Hmmm, I must have pushed the wrong buttons. Try again. Same result.

Shortly thereafter I began to smell a strange odor. I assumed it was something to do with the failure of the microwave - perhaps an overheated wire or part, I didn't know. Well, Dan would figure it all out when he got home.

About 4:15 Dan came in the back door, and before I could tell him about the microwave, I heard him saying, "I smell gas in here!" I hadn't thought about that odor being gas! Sure enough, apparently when I was messing with the microwave, I accidentally bumped one of the stovetop burner buttons, turning it on without it lighting. The gas was escaping into the house. (Linda received a lecture about never ignoring that type of odor again. I won't. He only lectured because he loves me.)

But I digress . . . back to the microwave story. After Dan tried several times, without success, to get some water to heat, we called the GE help-line. The lady we spoke with told us to unplug the oven for 30 to 60 seconds and then plug it in again. If that didn't work, she said, we needed to call for a service representative. The unplugging and replugging trick didn't work

Since our microwave is about 12 years old, and since a repair would probably cost almost as much as a new one, we decided we might as well replace it. So, on our way home from Bible study last night, we stopped at Lowe's and got a new one. As we were paying for it, the cashier said, cheerfully, "You know, those were on sale for $98 the day after Thanksgiving." That was just what we needed to hear.

Like our old one, this is a microwave/hood combination. So you can guess what Dan will be doing this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am supposing that you know then that the oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, stove top, refrigerator, garage door opener, buit in vaacuum, intercom system, computer, shredder, electric pencil sharpener, fax machine, digital camera (oh no!), home security system, TV etc. are ALL about to bite the dust?? That's how it works with these home conveniences...they conspire to all go together. (I will be happy if you wish to "list" your house and so you may start anew)

John L Scot

Anonymous said...

linda, that is sooo scary with the gas thing!! I have acidentally pushed a nob a couple of times but only for a couple of minutes before I realized it..that was bad enough! I am thankful all was Ok for you.



Linda said...

G., yes. It really was scary. I think, if the microwave hadn't been malfunctioning, I'd have probably hunted for the source of the odor right away. But my mind just kept thinking "this has got to be something to do with my broken microwave." I really won't forget that smell, and I'll recognize it next time.

I wonder how many brain cells I killed on Wednesday! Ha!