Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Moving Story

Tim hasn't gotten all of his possessions moved into his new apartment yet, but his new bed was delivered yesterday, and he spent last night there. Quint, our grandbird, couldn't go with him, because Tim has been staining some furniture over there, and the fumes are still too potent for a little guy like Quint.

Dan and I both went to take a look at the new apartment, and it's very nice. New carpet was just installed, and everything else looks like new. I know Tim's very anxious to get completely moved in and have a place to call "home" again. Right now his possessions are spread out among our house, the storage unit in Moriarty (where he used to live), and the new apartment. With gas prices as high as they are, it's expensive making multiple trips out to Moriarty with his truck.

What is the average price of gas where you live? Today, Albuquerque has per gallon prices ranging from $2.79 to $3.12 for regular unleaded. The average is $2.97/gallon. Why don't you leave a comment with your area's gas prices, so we can compare.


Linda said...

My friend, Bea, sent me the following via email. I thought I'd attach it as a comment here, since it gives the gas prices in Juneau, Alaska:

Yesterday was our first snow fall and as usual it was so pretty, about 4-6 inches closer to the glacier and only about 4 in. at the airport. You asked about our gas prices here in Juneau, well I paid $3.29 just today. Up until yesterday it was on $3.19, that is pumping your own gas, other gas stations are $3.39 per gal. I hope it doesn't go higher but we will see. Have a good day, I enjoy your blogg. love, Bea

Kelsey said...

I'm not sure what it is today, but when I left on Friday, it was $2.71 in Spring, but quickly rose as I headed west. Here in Carlsbad it's $3.19 today. Speaking of Carlsbad..... wish you were here!

Linda said...

Kelsey, me too! Have a fun visit.

Linda said...

My friends, Liz and Louise, also emailed me with this news on gas prices - also from Juneau:

The price of gas varies all around town, natch. It's $3.39 at Mike's Airport Express, $3.29 at Freddies and Safeway. The station at the foot of the Juno/Douglas bridge is selling gas for $3.59. It's always much higher in down town Juneau.

Anonymous said...

This is Gloria reporting from the north end of Seattle. Last Friday at Safeway I paid $2.87 per gallon but that was because I got 10 cents off per gallon due to the Grand Opening special they were having....spend at least $50.00 in the store and get 10 cents off per gallon. The price of $2.97 is pretty low too. Moving here from Oregon, I had NEVER pumped my own gas...but after a few oh-my-I-am- sooo-blonde-episodes...I learned!

Your grandbird, Quint, who does he resemble???


Linda said...

From my Mom, on 11/07/07, in Carlsbad (a comment to another post):

Our gas prices shot up 20cents over night, and are now at $3.19 all over town.