Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Days Are Diamonds; Some Days Are Just Plain Rocky

I was up well past midnight last night, trying to get my facebook account closed, though I don't know if it will stop all of the crazy emails, phone calls, and instant messages that have been going out to my friends, falsely, in my name. Sadly, closing a Facebook account is neither quick nor easy. I've started the process, but it will be lengthy. By the way, if any of you get email from, that is NOT my email address (sigh)!

So I was tired this morning when it was time to get rockin' and rollin' with the children. Robert, who has been a great eater since he arrived, didn't want anything for breakfast. He pushed everything away, which was surprising. As the day progressed, it became obvious that he wasn't feeling well. He even threw up a number of times :-( When we took his temperature, he wasn't running a fever, but as the day progressed, he started feeling a little warm. I got him in to the after hours pediatric clinic near our house. We saw a very nice physician's assistant. He checked Robert over -- no ear infection, no lung/breathing problems, and he was well-hydrated. He did have a low-grade fever and a red throat, and the PA suspected strep. He ran a quick-read lab culture, which proved positive for strep. Kelsey and Chris, please, please don't worry. We've got him started on Amoxacyllin, and we're anticipating a quick recovery! He should be good as new by the time you get here.

Clara is doing fine, but we'll watch her closely for any symptoms. She got to go out to breakfast with Grandpa and Uncle Tim this morning. She put down a huge pancake and bacon breakfast. I felt bad that for much of the day we were giving so much time and attention to Robert that she got cheated out of the fun Saturday that we had planned. I hope we can make it up to her as Robert improves.

Tomorrow Dan is preaching (we are currently preacherless, so Dan is taking his turns at feeding the flock) , and he will take Clara to church with him while I stay home with Robert. She'll have fun in her Bible class, I'm sure, and we have lots of terrific friends who will be happy to have her sit with them during worship, while Dan preaches. Not the way we planned it, but it's out of our control.

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Christopher said...

Oh no, Linda! I'm so so sorry! I'm not worried about him. I'm just so sorry you have to deal with a sick baby :( That's never fun.