Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls' Night Out

While we were eating breakfast, Clara spied a hot air balloon just back of our house. She was so excited. We saw a few the other morning, but they were in the distance. This one ended up coming almost over our house, which was a thrill for her.Although Robert isn't yet in A-One condition, I thought we could all use a little fresh air and change of scenery. It was sunny and warm, so we went to the neighborhood park for about a half hour.

After Dan got home, Clara and I had our Girls' Night Out. She had been counting down the days to this anticipated event!

We started by going to a nail salon and getting her a manicure. I had this vision of a cute little nail technician doing her nails and chatting with her, but it was a little different than that. I knew whoever we got would not speak very much English, because for some reason, here in Albuquerque, almost all nail techs are Vietnamese. But instead of a cute little gal, we got a sort of rough-looking guy! I was a wee bit leery about it, until we sat down and he started. He was very gentle with her. He told her that he was a daddy and had three little girls. And, because she was so good (and cute!), he did some complimentary nail art on both of her thumbnails. Lucky Clara!

After her nails were dry, we went to the Flying Star restaurant for dinner and a special dessert. I told her that just for tonight she didn't have to eat all of her dinner to get dessert, and that just for tonight she could have soda to drink. There's some history to this part of the Girls' Night Out. On my birthday Clara called me to say "Happy Birthday, Grandma." We talked for awhile, and I told her that Grandpa had just taken me out for a special dessert. She wanted to know what it was, and I told her it was an eclair. She didn't know what that was, so I tried to explain it to her and told her that the next time she came to visit us, I would take her out, and we would share an eclair. So that's what we did tonight, after dinner. Wow! This girl LOVES eclairs! We split it in half (it was huge), and she ate her half and part of mine. We had been joking about it all week, saying we would call it an e-clara and that mine would be an e-grandma. But tonight, she insisted we call it by its right name.

Grandma, look how full my tummy is!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures.The one with Clara's eyes closed as she savors that eclaire is perfect. I can almost taste it myself.

Your house is going to be very empty when the little ones go home, and they are going to miss their Grandma. Love....Nanny

Papa John said...

What a yummy evening you girls shared. Maybe I could get in on something like that - including the "exceptions" for dessert - by taking my girl out for a date like that. I bet we'd both enjoy that. Well done, Gramma!

Kelsey said...

Love the pics and am counting down the hours! Not long now!