Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Little Guy is a Little Better

Robert woke this morning feeling a little better, but not back to normal. He had his ups and downs all day. As the day progressed, his fever came back up, so I gave him Infant Motrin. It brought his temperature down, but not for the full 6 hours between doses. When his temp was down, he was happy and playing and full of fun.

When he started getting warm again, he wanted to be held and cuddled, and he slept a lot. I called the clinic, and they told me to increase the Motrin dosage, since it was only working for about three hours. For his bedtime dose, that's what I did, so we'll see how it works. He's sleeping soundly right now, as is Clara.

Clara had a nice day. She went with Grandpa to church. She enjoyed her Bible class, and sat with our friends during worship, while Dan was preaching. Those friends have a middle-school daughter, Haley, and Clara was pretty smitten by her. After worship, Dan and Clara went to lunch with a group of friends, including Haley. When they came home, I asked Clara who she sat with. "Haley. She's nice, and she has pretty clothes!" Dan said Clara ate her entire - as in EVERY BITE - pancakes and bacon breakfast, which is what she wanted for lunch. And he said that she was good as gold the entire morning.

I asked Clara how Grandpa's preaching was. She said it was fine. I asked her what he preached about, not really expecting her to be able to tell me, but she told me that he preached about "a lost sheep and a lost coin and a lost man." Wow! I was so surprised that she heard and remembered that!

Today Clara started a scrapbook about her visit with Grandma and Grandpa. It has photographs, drawings by her, and words that she dictated to me about the pictures. On one page, she wanted to do the writing herself, and she did a nice job. She asked me to spell most words, but some of the words she knew how to spell on her own. It should be a fun little keepsake for her.

Clara continues to receive emails, most days, from her Mommy. Today the mail came from London, with pictures attached, including one of Chris and Kelsey standing outside Buckingham Palace. It appears that they are having a great time. I'm so glad they were able to make this trip together.

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