Monday, April 4, 2011

Pleasant Day

Robert is doing so much better. He has had no fever at all today. His appetite is still poor, but that's to be expected. He was happy and full of energy all day.

This afternoon we got a phone call from Kelsey. Clara got to talk with her, and she was really happy about that.

Clara was so good today. I know it's hard for her to be cooped up with Grandma and an under-the-weather brother. She worked on her scrapbook a little more, did some coloring and some pretending, and watched a few Blue's Clues videos. Because she was so cooperative all day, I popped some popcorn for her this evening. She got to eat it while she watched her before-bed cartoons (part of her nightly routine).

Tomorrow evening will be "Girls' Night Out," that Clara and I have been planning for several days. You'll have to wait to see what that is all about. Dan and Robert will be holding the fort down, here at home, while the two of us have some fun.

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