Sunday, April 10, 2011

Empty House

Chris and Kelsey arrived at the Albuquerque Sunport, on Wednesday night, around 11:00 p.m. Clara managed to stay awake the entire evening, and was there, with Dan, to greet her mommy and daddy as they came through the security gate. She was so excited!

Chris and Kelsey stayed with us Thursday and Friday, and left on Saturday morning, with the children. Sadly, Kelsey was suffering with a jet-lag headache the entire time, and Chris had a cold. Robert was not yet back to his normal cheerful self, either, having on-again, off-again symptoms. I felt so bad for them all, knowing that the best medicine for them would be to be back home in their own beds!

On Friday evening we all felt sufficiently okay to go out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration for Chris. Tim joined us at Lone Star, and we came home, afterward, for strawberry shortcake.

I heard from Kelsey this morning, and she said that Chris is not doing well. He's come down with a few more symptoms. Not a good way to end this adventure.

Despite a rocky finish, I think Chris and Kelsey had a successful and wonderful time in Paris, Belgium and London. Kelsey has begun posting a day-by-day log of their travels, on her blog. Be sure you visit there, to see the photos and read about their vacation (see link to her blog to the right - "Judd Stuff").

And now, Grandpa and I are home alone, in a very quiet house. We'll miss those little sweethearts, for sure. This experience has given us more incentive to get our house sold and get on with our plans to move closer.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, so glad they got home and hope they are getting back to normal. Hope you are too...hee hee.

Linda, I seriously think that you should move closer to them than you are planning. Think about it. It will be better for you down the road and better for them when it comes time to help you your "sunset" years....

Just some unwanted, unasked for, and probably unappreciated thoughts. It is very hard for me to always travel the 3 plus hours to help my mom.

Much love,