Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is the monsoon season, here in Albuquerque. What that means is that, almost every afternoon, thunderheads build on the horizon of an otherwise blue sky, and by evening a thunder shower rolls through the city, dumping a huge amount of rain in a short amount of time. No one here complains, for water in this high desert is a precious commodity.

Today, however, was uncharacteristically gray and cloudy all day. The clouds appeared heavy with rain, but didn't release any moisture until this evening. As I sit, writing this post, I'm listening to the rumbling of thunder and to the heavy rain as it pounds our windows and spills from our roof.

Today's weather is reflective of my mood. I heard sad news today from some dear friends - news that still has me in an emotional spin. And this piece of news is one of a half-dozen similarly disturbing ones that have come our way, this summer, from friends (not family) near and far away. It feels, today, as if the monsoons have arrived here, in my heart.

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