Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Improvement

The home office, in the front of our house, has two work spaces, one for Dan and one for me. We have our computers set up in there, and have been plagued since day-one by bright sunlight on our monitor screens at certain times of the day. We've only had a bamboo roll-up shade at the window. Since the office is on the south side of the house, the sun also contributed to the room being too warm in the summer.

Today Dan gave up a relaxing Saturday to hang some drapes in front of the bamboo shade, giving us a "layered look." The drapes really make a difference in cutting out the light, and will make this room more private when it serves its alternate role, as an occasional overflow guest bedroom.

Now it's my turn. The office is in need of a good cleaning and organizing. If you don't hear much from me this week, you'll know that I'm hard at work making it more presentable.

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