Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Pictures from our Road Trip

A few of these pictures were taken outside the car, but most of them were "on the fly" pictures, through the car window, at 70 m.p.h.

Here are a couple of rural scenes from east of Missoula, in Montana:

There were so many wonderful mountain vistas as we made our way south through Montana:

The following two photos were taken from a rest stop in Utah, north of Moab. We climbed up a steep road, to the top of a mesa, to get to it:

As we neared Moab, Utah, we saw these blue/green colors on the mountains. We wondered if it was copper:

But, once we were in Moab, RED was the predominant color. This first picture was taken looking straight up from the base of a rock canyon wall along the Colorado River:

And this was taken standing back from the wall, looking at it from across the river:

We spent the night, both ways, in Provo, Utah. This is a shot of the road leading out of Provo, going south:

There is a well-advertised place called The Hole in the Wall. We stopped, thinking I could take some photos of some wonderful rock formation. But it turned out to be a tourist trap, with shops built into the rock wall, and this huge lizard attached to the rocks. 

This, on the other hand, was a beautiful natural rock formation, called Wilson's Arch. I had Dan pull over so I could get a number of pictures of it, from different perspectives:

Still in Utah - this rock formation reminded me of a beehive, and since Utah's nickname is "The Beehive State" I thought it was appropriate:

In the corner of Colorado we passed through, we saw a couple more interesting rock formations. I don't know what the first one is called, but the second one was Chimney Rock.

And this is New Mexico's most famous rock formation, Shiprock. Sadly, the sun was in a bad position for me to get a good picture. At least you can see the silhouette, although the details are not clear.

Outside of Cuba, New Mexico, we saw this formation, but I haven't been able to find out what it is called. It looked a little like a sombrero to me:

The following three pictures were taken during the "golden hour," when the sun was low on the horizon and we were nearing Albuquerque: 

And, finally, we saw Sandia Crest on the horizon, and knew we were almost home. At LAST!


Nanny said...

The pictures are great. I recall going through Utah a few years ago and seeing those beautiful red rocks. Mom

Papa John said...

Makes me want to get the oil paints out and hit the road from Montana to New Mexico. What georgeous colors. I'll keep the camera ready but there is little scenery that dramatic along I-5. Nice work, Linda.

Anonymous said...

What a long trip you packed into a few days. I am glad you were able to spend this time with Dan's will always be glad you did.

Thank you for the amazing tributes that you have shared on this truly amazing servant of the Lord's. Her life of service is truly an inspiration.

Thank you for all the beautiful pics of your trip,Linda.