Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clue #3

What wonderful guesses you are all making, about the place Dan and I are planning to go to celebrate our next anniversary. To help keep the enthusiasm going, I'm going to give a third clue, and it's a GOOD one!

But first, here are the places that have already been eliminated:

1. New England
2. Alaska
3. Australia/New Zealand
4. Japan
5. Greece
6. Oregon
7. Africa

And you can read the earlier clues:
Clue #1
Clue #2

So (this might be a give-away!) --

Clue #3: John Wayne was in a movie that had something to do with this place.


Anonymous said...

John Wayne was in too many movies! Hmmm.......I'm
really stumped right now......I'll have to keep thinking
about it......Genie

Papa John said...

Well, I'm ready to hazard my guess, although intended to have filed my comment officially several days ago.

Well Now, I figure you'll be a gamboling on the green hills of merry ol' Ireland, dining on Welsh rarebit and Irish Stew, and chasin' rainbows and those little wee fellas who are so full of tricks and mischief. And I've an idea you'll be wanting a tad more than a couple of weeks to see the land, learn some o' the culture, visit the historical landmarks, and select the fine things you'll bring home to commemorate the visit. Ever afterward you'll be a-wearing the green come mid-March 'cause you always leave a bit o' your heart when ye visit the auld sod. Jealous John