Sunday, June 15, 2008


What can happen in the course of 39 years?

Careers can be built and drawn to a close.

Sons and daughters can be born, reared, and launched to a life of their own.

Moves can be planned and accomplished; houses bought and sold.

Friends can be made and kept; others lost and, sometimes, found again.

Storms can be weathered; times of peace enjoyed.

Tears can be cried; laughter shared.

Risks can be taken; adventures accomplished.

Friends and relatives can depart this earth; new babies are born and celebrated.

Health can wane, and the spirit grow stronger.

Lessons can be learned, and lessons can be taught.

Prayers can be offered, and thanks can be given.

Grandchildren can delight and rejuvenate our later years.

Memories can be made and, later, savored.

This is how life is meant to be. And this is how life has been for Dan and me. Today we celebrate our 39th anniversary. Thirty-nine years of sharing every facet of a life, blessed beyond measure. Thirty-nine years of two becoming one. Thirty-nine rewarding years of living and loving and growing.

Thank you, Dan, for being my loving partner in life!

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