Friday, June 13, 2008

Introducing Our Superhero, Trashman!

Up until about five years ago, on the evening before every garbage collection day, either Dan or I had to empty all the trash cans in the house and then drag the big garbage can to the curb. Dan really hated that chore. It was, indeed, a tedious job, but someone had to do it. However, not long after we moved to Albuquerque, a real-life superhero, named Trashman, began showing up every Thursday afternoon to do that job for us!

He arrives around 4:00, with a flourish, wearing a black cape, made of a large trash bag; and two small, white trash bags, flowing from each of his pockets. "Here I am to get your trash!" he sings, reminiscent of the 1950s Mighty Mouse theme song. (Some of you younger readers probably don't remember that famous song.) And then he proclaims, in his strong baritone voice, "Who knows what trash lurks in the halls of home? Trashman does! Good afternoon, Ma'am."

Trashman is a member of the Superhero's Union, which imposes stringent rules upon its members and holds them to high standards, ethics and morals. If I offer to help him on Thursday afternoon, he reminds me, "Oh, Ma'am, the Superhero's Union would not like it at all if I didn't do my entire job!"

You might be thinking that I'm telling you a tall tale, here, but I have witnesses! As you know, Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday; and even when we have friends here to celebrate the holiday with us, Trashman makes his appearance. And last week, when my friend, Gloria, was here, Trashman didn't disappoint us. In fact, Gloria managed to snap a few quick pictures as he swept through the house.

Yesterday, when Trashman arrived at our house, I asked him if I could post his picture on my blog. He was hesitant, fearing that his "secret private identity" might be disclosed. But, in the end, he agreed to let me post the pictures. Out of respect to him, and to ensure that I keep his identity secret, I have hidden some of his facial features.

Thank you, Trashman, for coming to our aid! Dan and I both appreciate it.

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Kelsey said...

She's not lying. I've seen him too!

Hmmmm. Trashman looks vaguely familiar now that I think about it.