Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doing Our Part

We got our tax rebate in the mail about a week ago. According to congress the purpose of the economic stimulus rebate is to help Americans jumpstart the economy, and Dan and I are certainly doing our part.

Today was the day! We drove to the Apple Store and upgraded both of our computers. I've been working on a laptop (iBookG4) for almost four years, and have edited thousands of photos on that little screen. It's been a wonderful, problem-free computer, and has traveled with me everywhere I've gone. But with my vision getting poorer with each passing year, it felt like the time was right to go to a larger screen.

And larger screens are definitely what we brought home today! Our new iMacs have 24" screens. I can't wait to polish a few pixels on a screen like that! For now, the new Macs are still in their boxes. I want to tidy up my desk before setting mine up, so it has a good first impression of its new home.

Along with the computer, I also used my educational discount to purchase Photoshop CS3. All of my previous photo editing has been done using Photoshop Elements, which, I might say, is an awesome program. But the educational discount in combination with the purchase of a new computer made the price on the full-blown Photoshop too good to pass up, so I'll be launching into another steep learning curve ... one I'm looking forward to.

So watch for news of an upswing in the economy ... and know that it's because Dan and I did our part.

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Anonymous said...

Way to support the economy! We have an imac too.
The ichat has been great to use with the grandkids
in'll have to hook-up with Sweetpea! :-)
Have fun........genie